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Plywood from SolidPly, Strong, Termite Proof, Water Proof and reliable Plywood Network


Solid ply is available in BWP, BWR and MR.

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Blockboard form SolidPly, Best quality Blockboard for Furniture


Solid Ply block board is manufactured with selected and seasoned planks of Meranti and Pinewood. The planks .

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MarinePly form SolidPly, Best quality Marine Ply for Furniture

Marine ply

Solid Marine Ply is made of well selected pieces of core and face veneers. These are bonded with phenol .

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Flexible Plywood form SolidPly, Best quality Flexible Plywood for Furniture

Flexi Ply

Design is an element of imagination and imagination cannot be restricted to straight lines and 90 degrees.

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FlushDoor from SolidPly, Best quality Flush Door and Designer Flush Door for Furniture

Flush Door

Soild Flush Door are manufactured from carefully selected raw materials for better type, density, from high quality.

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Film Face Ply

Solid Shuttering Plywood is made with selected hardwood veneers where BWP grade of Phenol formaldehyde resin .

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